What to Know Before Selling a Home in Lake Country, Wisconsin

What to Know Before Selling a Home in Lake Country, Wisconsin

  • Mike Ledzian
  • 05/11/22

The aptly named Lake Country, Wisconsin, is home to more than twenty beautiful lakes and ponds. Because it’s conveniently located only half an hour from Milwaukee and a couple of hours from Chicago, the Lake Country area is popular among city dwellers who want to get away from city life for some fishing or boating out on the water during the summer months. If you’re a proud owner of beautiful Lake Country, Wisconsin real estate looking to move, you may be wondering what it takes to sell your home successfully.

Time of Year Matters

Homeowners may not know that seasonality makes a difference in how long their house stays on the market. A well-known fact is that the longer your house is listed on the market, the more your negotiating power decreases. Well, listing your home in the summer might just be the trick for buyers who want to sell their home more seamlessly and quickly! Wisconsin homes sold in spring and summer months often result in higher closing sales prices than those sold in winter months. There are several reasons for this. Some buyers may not want to travel from one house to another when the weather is cold, and the roads are covered in snow. Likewise, some buyers will be more interested in purchasing Lake Country, Wisconsin, real estate during the summer months, when they can make the most of the lake. Either way, selling your house in the summer months can drastically increase the income you make on your home.

However, if you’re set on listing your home in the winter, don’t be discouraged. A skilled Lake Country, Wisconsin real estate agent can help you get traction on selling your home despite the season with their endless connections, access to listing websites, and social media skills. Also, since fewer homes are listed in the winter months, expert agents have less competition in the market and can sell to more serious buyers who are willing to make the trip out to a showing. If you are worried about seasonality affecting the sale of your home, working with an experienced real estate agent can help, as they know how to market your home as a winter wonderland by the lake!

For Sale by Owner?

While it is possible to sell your home yourself without enlisting the help of a licensed real estate agent, it is challenging, time-consuming, and likely to cost you in the long run. Not only will you likely have to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent by selling your property yourself,  but you also will need to consider how well-versed you are in the rules and regulations of Wisconsin. Having an experienced real estate agent well-versed in the law can help save home sellers a massive amount of stress and confusion.

Also, houses sold by a licensed real estate agent may sell for a higher price and sell faster than those listed by the owner. So, while selling your home yourself may sound like a good idea, not only will you likely sell your house for less money, but you will also spend a lot of your own time trying to market your home and show it to buyers while having fewer resources to do so than an agent. 

Here is some information on what a licensed Lake Country, Wisconsin real estate agent can help you with:

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  • Marketing your home with high-quality photos and descriptions on social media and multiple listing websites, which generally can only be accessed by real estate agents and brokers
  • Assisting you in pricing your home, understanding which offers are fair, and writing a purchase contract to your benefit
  • Helping to disclose important information that the buyer is legally required to know
  • Helping to stage a home look its best

Disclosure Laws

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Wisconsin law requires homeowners to disclose any defects in their home that would significantly depreciate property value, harm the health of future tenants, or negatively impact the average life of the property. While you technically do not have to disclose any defects to the buyer if these conditions are not met, it is generally best to disclose any defects to the property that might upset a future owner.

The terms of disclosure law can be pretty confusing and include rules anywhere from zoning violations to tax increases. Your Lake Country, Wisconsin real estate agent can help navigate the tricky waters of revealing conditional defects that disclosure laws may require.

Give Your Home a Makeover

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While there’s no doubt your gorgeous Lake Country home is elegant enough as it is, sprucing up your home before showing a house is a great way to get buyers interested. The more move-in-ready your house is, the more likely buyers are to jump at the chance to make an offer.

Here are some selling tips for creating the best showing possible:
  • Landscaping is key. Remove weeds, trim ungroomed plants, rake leaves or plow the snow to show your walkway. Make sure nothing is blocking the view of your beautiful windows or entryway.

  • Repair unsightly or inconvenient items such as leaky faucets, old screens, squeaky drawers, or doors that need some oil or quality care.

  • Clean any stains on carpets or fix any paint damage to walls and entryways.

  • If you have a pet, it might be best to remove them for the showing. No matter how cute your furry friend is, loud noises like barking may distract buyers, and some homebuyers could have pet allergies.

  • Clean windows and mirrors, making sure everything looks well-polished and tidy.

  • Draw back your curtains and let in the natural light.

  • Light a refreshing candle or bake some goods to give the buyer a nostalgic or homey feeling.

  • Remove any clutter from your home and rearrange your furniture if necessary.

  • Remove items that are too personal, such as family pictures. This may help buyers imagine themselves in the space.

  • Professionally stage your home with an interior designer. This will make your home look extra dazzling.

  • Let your real estate agent answer the buyer’s questions on price and terms, as they can answer more in-depth than the homeowner and with more objectivity.

  • Make alternate arrangements for yourself and your family during house showings to make the buyer feel more comfortable examining the home and asking questions.

Find a Great Selling Agent

While there are many great realtors, don't forget the importance of finding the best realtor for your specific needs. A top tip for selling your home in gorgeous Lake Country, Wisconsin, is to find a local expert. A local, experienced real estate agent will be well-versed in market trends for your neighborhood. Aim to find a local expert with years of experience, tech skills, and determination to get the best price for their clients.

If you are looking for all the fantastic qualities above, check out Lake Country Wisconsin real estate agent Mike Ledzian. With strong interpersonal skills and nearly a decade and a half of experience in the field, Mike is there for his client's needs every step of the way. Mike’s expertise in buying and selling residential homes in Metro Milwaukee and his unmatched work ethic and savvy real estate tools will ensure you have the smoothest home-selling experience possible. Reach out to Mike today to buy or sell a home in wonderful Wisconsin.

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