Follow These 4 Tips to Find Your Perfect Lake Country, Wisconsin Neighborhood

Follow These 4 Tips to Find Your Perfect Lake Country, Wisconsin Neighborhood

  • Mike Ledzian
  • 07/26/22

Lake Country is in the southern portion of Wisconsin, approximately 30 to 40 minutes west of Milwaukee and an easy two-hour drive north of Chicago. Considered one of the most scenic and best places to live in the state, Lake Country is a large area within Waukesha County that encompasses many natural lakes, including Pewaukee Lake, Pine Lake, Beaver Lake, Nagawicka Lake, and more. The area is known for its relaxed atmosphere, impressive homes, and friendly people who live here.

With such great proximity to lakes and nature, Lake Country real estate offers ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, with excellent parks and walking trails to explore or just to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. In addition, world-class golf courses, championship fishing (50-plus inch Muskies are not uncommon), and other outdoor activities centered around the lakes contribute to the community’s outdoor vibe and active lifestyle.

Given the area’s size and options available, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint the perfect neighborhood for you and your family to live in. Maybe you’re seeking a quiet place to call home, or you want to be close to the action in a lively area. Fortunately, there are many desirable neighborhoods in Lake Country. With a little help, you’ll find one that feels like home to you.

Work with a Realtor®

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Researching all the different communities can be a time-consuming task that leads to frustration and missed homes in an active market. A qualified and experienced realtor will have knowledge about different neighborhoods and can suggest areas for you to consider as you begin your search for homes for sale in Lake Country.

Finding a Lake Country realtor who understands your needs and works well with you will prove invaluable throughout the entire process. To make your buying experience as stress-free as possible, look for an agent who:

  • Offers years of experience in buying and selling real estate — not only in Lake Country but also in metro Milwaukee and surrounding areas for comparative purposes.

  • Appreciates the beauty and subtleties of lake properties, and is well versed in the other area options, including golf course communities, Lake Country estates, and townhomes.

  • Is patient, responsive, and demonstrates a strong work ethic.

Know What's Important

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Because there are many neighborhoods and homes for sale in Lake Country, try to define the type of home you are looking for as well as the style when thinking about a location. Among factors to consider are a home’s size, amenities, updates that have been made, and neighborhood proximity to work and school.

Making a list of your needs and wants will help you make important decisions when viewing properties and neighborhoods. Equally important, the list will help your realtor zero in on communities and homes that meet as many of your criteria as possible. This saves time and reduces stress in the process. Among the items that rank high on many “must have” lists are:

  • Extra garage and storage space
  • A minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • A separate laundry room
  • An updated kitchen and appliances
  • A particular size of yard

Visit Your Top Neighborhoods

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Choosing the perfect neighborhood is an important decision that can take more time than anticipated. So don’t feel rushed. This is another good reason to choose a realtor willing to put in the time and with lots of patience.

If you already have a few areas that meet your needs, then try narrowing your search by visiting the top communities several times. Drive and walk through each neighborhood at different times of the day and on weekends to get a better feel for the traffic, noise, commute times, walkability, and friendliness. A community can look and feel different at 9 a.m. as opposed to 9 p.m. You want to make sure there are no surprises once you buy a home in your target area. It can also help to participate in a few community events like summer concerts or festivals.

When visiting neighborhoods, be sure to investigate surrounding areas and amenities and think about the bigger picture and your needs. You can try a local eatery (Tofte’s Table and Albanese's Roadhouse are two great Lake Country restaurants), visit the library, or drive to a nearby store. The more you can be in an area to get first-hand experience with the neighborhood and the people who live there, the greater the likelihood of finding the perfect Lake Country property for you. As you visit different areas, be mindful of:

  • Tax rates
  • Traffic patterns and commute times
  • Demographics and schools
  • Amount of community involvement
  • Nearby parks and recreation areas
  • Proximity to shopping, healthcare centers, and entertainment

Leverage Your Time Online

Many resources are available to help educate Lake Country real estate buyers on schools and general neighborhood information. Websites such as City-Data, NeighborhoodScout, and offer insights and statistics to help buyers make informed decisions. Similarly, a lot can be learned by reviewing local school and government website pages.

You can also visit local police departments and schools to meet potential neighbors and learn more about each area. Many buyers want to find quality schools and stay within the district, so doing quality research upfront can prevent educational challenges as children grow. There are also private, charter, and Montessori schools to consider. Online resources can fill in gaps about neighborhoods and provide another perspective when determining which areas are well suited for you and your family.

Find Your Perfect Home with Mike Ledzian

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